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prophet muhammad wives in heaven

Muhammad said she lived in a beautiful jewelled palace in Paradise next to Khadijah's. Context Information According to the rules of Islam. So Mulaykah’s family did not give her to Muhammad because she was at risk of starvation or because there was nobody else to care for her. However, neither of these options appear to have been her primary intention. [178], Although it is agreed that Zaynab was economically independent, modern historians sometimes claim that she might have had a social or moral need to remarry. Once Muhammad had decided that Safiyah was his hostage, he had to feed and shelter her, and there was no welfare-related reason to marry her; he had to provide for her material needs regardless. Hind was born into the wealthy Makhzum clan of the Quraysh, and her husband, Abdullah ibn Abdulasad, was a second cousin from the same clan. [159] Since their family rejected them when they became Muslims,[160] it is not clear whether they were still wealthy when, ten years later, they arrived in Medina; but it is known that they owned the camels that transported them.[161]. The paedophilic aspect of this relationship has institutionalised such marriages within Islam. Neither Muhammad nor any other Muslim leader thereafter showed any interest in saving Fatima from her life of poverty that was, in her own words, "wretched" and "miserable". Years passed before Muhammad received another revelation, which likely came as a great relief to him. Juayreah's father came to the Prophet and offered a payment for her return. [153] So there is no reason to believe she had fallen into any sort of immediate destitution. By birth she belonged to the Nadir tribe,[186] who were currently residing in the date-farms of Khaybar. Soon afterwards she married an Arab chief who was a leader in the Apostasy Wars. Leprosy, also known as Hansen's disease (HD), is a chronic disease caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium leprae and Mycobacterium lepromatosis. Her first husband was Hafsa's uncle, and their elder son fought at Badr. [152] She should have been available for remarriage by late July 624. Our prophet rushed to the path straight ahead He heard a voice from the heavens which said. Ramlah proposed Izza as a bride, "since, as I cannot be your only wife, I would like to share my good fortune with my sister." He certainly did not seem to have any resources of his own by the time of the Hijra in September 622, as it is recorded that all the expenses of his journey were paid by Abu Bakr.[132]. Fatima had to work for the rest of her life as a dung-collector, and she outlived all Muhammad's widows. [232] Whatever the arrangement was, it saved Mariyah from destitution. Muhammad was orphaned soon after birth, and was brought up by his uncle Abu Talib. Zaynab had plenty of family in Medina. They did it because they had offended Muhammad by resisting his invasion of Mecca[238] and they hoped to appease him quickly by giving him a pretty girl. Wives in Heaven?!!! Husbands having fallen on the field of battle, their widows had to be provided for … This is the reason that [Muhammad] himself took so many women to be his wives during the period when war was raging. This marriage ended in divorce after only a few weeks. Muhammad had other wives (previously divorced or widowed) which was customary since women did not hold rights in pre-Islamic times. And not just with the prophets, but with the greatest prophets!” Galil’s comments drew anger from members of Egypt’s Christian minority. Bewley/Saad 8:68: “He gave himself over to drinking wine until he died.”. All these details indicate that the Negus had protected his Muslim guests very well and that they were in no danger of destitution as long as he had his eye on them. It is said that her family cursed her for placing her personal happiness above the political needs of the tribe. What remains to be established, however, is whether or not the particular women whom he married were the ones who would have been otherwise left destitute. He changed his mind when he found out that her father had been his foster-brother and died soon afterwards. Whatever may have been Zaynab's motive in marrying Muhammad, it seems unlikely that money played any sort of important role. And she will be the wife of our favorite Mohammed in heaven, and she will be the first to enter heaven together with the greatest prophets. [171] She had no need to remarry unless she chose. [121] It is also agreed that Aisha, beside being a professional spinster,[122] was the daughter of “a man of means,”[123] “a merchant of high character” with “experience in commerce.”[124] She likewise already had a fiancé at the time of Muhammad’s proposal, and her father had to break off this engagement before marrying her to Muhammad,[125] so it would rather difficult to argue that Muhammad did Aisha some sort of financial favor through his marriage to her, as it seems that, in all likelihood, she would have socially and financially prospered regardless. Permission was granted to him from his Lord as we read in verse 33:50 … They are not sister wives that people imagine. She was born 5 years before the Prophet Muhammad … (Ibn Katheer narrating from Al-Haakim Al-Neesabori). According to the most widely accepted interpretation among Muslims, Muhammad was purified by the archangels and taken to Jerusalem, where he ascended into heaven … Hafsa decried the shame of a woman who would throw herself at a man, but Muhammad retorted, "She is better than you because she wanted me while you only find fault." She was a Bedouin of no political importance. It has never been entirely clear why Muhammad married Maymunah. She was a war-captive from Mesopotamia. Prophet Muhammad’s fourth wife was Hafsah, the daughter of one of Prophet Muhammad’s closest confidantes, Umar ibn Al-Khattab. [176] Zayd divorced her within two years, after which, according to Muhammad, Allah commanded her to marry Muhammad himself. [244] She had to work for a living. Zarqani 2:260 states that he was killed at the Battle of Jalula in 637. Her father, companion to the Prophet, Abu Bakr, was delighted about the marriage. Muhammad signed the contract, but Sana died before the marriage could be consummated. Safiyah might not have liked to be a domestic slave or a commoner’s concubine, but she surely would have found these options less humiliating than being married to the man who had just killed her husband. Contrary to folklore, leprosy does not cause body parts to fall off, although they can become numb or diseased as a result of secondary infections; these occur as a result of the body's defenses being compromised by the primary disease. [166] In Hind’s own words: “When my idda was over, Allah’s Messenger asked to come to see me while I was tanning a hide I had. He saw her as a baby crawling around and remarked, "If I am alive when she grows up, I will marry her." [177], Muhammad’s inability to provide for his growing family was not as serious for Zaynab as for some of his other wives. Muhammad's wives Khadijah & Aisha are generally altogether excluded in the analyses of those who maintain that Muhammad's marriages were a form of welfare. Finally, there were several other women whom Muhammad wished to marry, or whom he was invited to marry, but for various reasons he did not. As soon as she heard that he was dead, she apostated from Islam. Muhammad selected the six-year-old Aisha in preference to her teenaged sister, and she remained his favourite wife. By contrast, Sawdah was a tanner[133] and a perfume-mixer. Prophet Muhammad meets Prophet Abraham, and witnesses the realm wherein the angels are most densely arrayed in worship This website is for people of various faiths who seek to understand Islam and Muslims. On the contrary, it seems more likely that he rather than she was the one who gained financially from this marriage. It is even said that she proposed marriage to Muhammad and that she offered not to take any dower. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) wanted Juayreah's tribe (Beni Al Mostalag)to convert to Islam. There is no mention of Khadijah and her daughters, nor of Umm Ruman, nor of the numerous sisters of Lubabah bint Al-Harith (, Bewley/Saad 8:82. [135] It is not stated that they were wealthy, but they were respectable. [227] She possessed nothing of her own. [148] If she had wanted (or been permitted, for Umar was famously opposed to this line of female work) to set herself up as a career woman, she would have been in demand as a clerk. After his first wife, Khadija, died Muhammad was left having to raise 4 young daughters. This marriage offset some of Muhammad's political humiliation in the Treaty of Hudaybiya by demonstrating that he could command the loyalty of his adversary's own daughter. He renamed her Kulthum ("Chubby Cheeks") and said that Allah had wedded her to him in Heaven. Muhammad saw Aisha in a dream. She was a middle-class widow from Mecca who proposed marriage to Muhammad. [253][254] Left untreated, leprosy can be progressive, causing permanent damage to the skin, nerves, limbs and eyes. Habiba was a prominent member of the Najjar clan in Medina. The newest of his wives, ‘Aisha, Abu Bakr’s daughter, was an extraordinary woman. [240] Hence, she was not poor at the time of her marriage to Muhammad. She used to boast about this to the other wives of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), saying: “Your families arranged your marriages but Allaah arranged my marriage from above the seven heavens.” Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 7420. Nevertheless, the widely held view that “Muhammad married poor widows to provide them with a home” is not supported by the available historical evidence from Islamic sources. Why couldn't I have been born in Medina 1400 years ago!!! :'( But is it really true that if a woman lives a good life, she gets to marry the Prophet and be one of his wives in paradise? There were twelve single men in the community but only four single women, of whom two were elderly, so, it is reasonable to conclude that Ramlah and her teenage daughter could have easily found suitors had they wished to marry.[203]. His earlier victims had included her father, brother, first husband, three uncles and several cousins. The historian Al- Tabari calculated that Muhammad married a total of fifteen women , though only ever eleven at one time; and two of these marriages were never consummated. Muhammad was orphaned at an early age. One writes, “Before Islam, the Arabs did not allow divorcees to remarry,”[179] and that her divorce “made her unfit to marry a status conscious Arab.”[180] However, there is no evidence that the Arabs forbade divorced women to remarry. Muhammad proposed to Fakhita again, but she refused, saying she could not be equally fair to a new husband and her young children. She sent Muhammad a proposal of marriage, and he agreed to the contract. Juwayriyah was in a similar situation to Rayhanah. [220] After her husband died, she became the house guest of her married sister, Lubabah. The Qur'an tells us that Muhammad received inspired verses from Allah that authorized him to marry his own daughter-in-law. Many of the friends would seek her help in deciding difficult legal problems. Guillaume/Ishaq 181, 184, 404-405, 551-552, 557, 689. She was the daughter of Muhammad's best friend and head evangelist Abu Bakr. [204] She was so pleased that she gave her silver bracelets, anklets and rings as gifts to the messenger. So in this preceding year before becoming his concubine, Mariyah had nevertheless lived at Muhammad’s expense; and she continued to live at his expense afterwards. [xxxiv] In the Bible, these things were never reported in the lives of the prophets, but they … Her first husband was one of the 600-900 Qurayza men whom Muhammad beheaded in April 627. But Al-Dahhak settled near Mecca[242] and he left his daughter in Medina.[243]. “The Messenger of Allah (PBHU) came in,” said ‘Aisha, ‘and lay depressed with his face twisted away. [154] Her deceased husband Ubayda also had two brothers, Al-Tufayl and Al-Husayn, who had accompanied him to Medina[155] and had fought with him at Badr. [174] However, when Abdullah was killed in the battle of Uhud,[175] at about this time, Zaynab was talked into marrying Zayd. [199] There is no obvious reason why they could not have gone to Medina, where all of Ubaydullah’s siblings lived,[200] so presumably their continuation in Abyssinia was voluntary. This theory seems to have been devised by a few modern historians and then uncritically accepted by others. But this is not really relevant here, as Muhammad divorced her on the first day,[250] and therefore, whether she was poor or not, he certainly did not provide for her materially. One of the wives of Islam’s prophet Muhammad was Zaynab bint Jahsh. On the contrary, he asserted that he, and men in general, chose their wives for four basic motives: for their money, for their family connections, for their beauty and for their piety. It was usual in the Arab civilization for close bonds and bonds to be wired by marriage into the family. “One day,” ‘Aisha Again explained, “the Prophet (PBUH) invented in when I was living with my toys and said, “‘AISHA, whatsoever game is this?’ ‘It is Solomon’s cattle,’ I responded, and he smiled.” On extra time, during the days of the Eid al Adha, two new girls were with ‘Aisha in her room, vocal a song about the famous fight of Baath and whipping a tambourine in time. Prophet Muhammad himself never claimed that he married women out of compassion for their poverty. She was an aunt of Khawla bint Hudhayl (above). When the tribe surrendered, Muhammad determined that the Banu Qurayzah's every adult male should be decapitated, every woman and child, enslaved, and all the tribe's property forfeit to the Islamic state. Safiyah was a prisoner of war whom Muhammad captured at the siege of Khaybar. Muhammad married her on the day he defeated the last Jewish tribe in Arabia, only hours after he had supervised the slaying of Kinana her second husband. Contracted May 620 but first consummated in April or May 623. Her cousin Qubaysa ibn Amr made the journey out to Medina so that he could arrange her marriage to Muhammad,[157] even though this could have easily been done by one of her brothers in Medina. Maymunah was never poor; she was born into the bourgeois Hilal tribe. It was thus quite possible that Abdullah had some savings to leave to his widow. Whether these widows were “poor” depends on how one defines poverty. [221] Lubabah’s husband was Muhammad’s uncle, Abbas ibn Abdulmuttalib, who was “one of the richest of the Banu Hashim.”[222] He “used to go often to the Yaman to buy aromatics and sell them during the fairs”[223] and was also apparently a banker: “he had a great deal of money scattered among the people.”[224] Maymunah offered to marry Muhammad without taking any dower. One can only be allowed to take up more wives when he can make sure that he can treat them all equally. Muhammad, it would appear, did not need to have intercourse with this woman in order to provide for her. Isra is the first part of the journey, in which he rode the winged horse known as Buraq to a mosque and had a discussion with other prophets- Jesus, Moses, etc., and Mi’raj is the second part of the journey in which he rode to heaven and spoke to God. She was, indeed, herself property.[228]. She was a princess from Yemen whose family hoped the marriage alliance would ward off a military invasion from Medina. [149] By marrying Muhammad, it then seems, Hafsah was accepting a significant cut in her standard of living. [141] His list of Muslims converted by Abu Bakr has 41 men and 9 women. [2] Therefore, they say that it is not impossible for a human being to … If he had been running some kind of business, she could have taken it over; and if he had had any savings, she would have inherited them. It was several months, perhaps over a year, before Muhammad took Mariyah as his concubine. According to the Muslim chroniclers, her father arrived home only to find that she really had been afflicted with leprosy. In order to prove the physical ascension of Jesus Christ (as) to the heavens, non-Ahmadi Muslim scholars argue that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) also ascended bodily to the heavens during M`erāj. Khadija's daughter Fatima was his only child to have issue. In fact, even if she had needed to be rescued, there is no real reason why she would have had to marry Muhammad; she could have simply gone to Medina and lived with her family. She was a domestic slave belonging to Zaynab bint Jahsh, who made Muhammad a present of her. (1986). An attractive widow with four young children, Hind had been rejected by her aristocratic family in Mecca because they were so hostile to Islam. Understanding Islamic Law – Islamic Supreme Council. The fourth wife of the Prophet Muhammad is Hafsha bint Umar. Then she received a proposal from Umar. After Sana died, their father tried to interest Muhammad in Umra. New articles are added every week. Furthermore, Muhammad did not need to take prisoners, for he had already won the war and taken control of the city. Safiyah’s husband was not, as is sometimes claimed, “killed during the battle of Khaybar”;[216] rather, his torture and execution had been specifically ordered by Muhammad and, this too, after the declaration of truce.[217]. Aisheh, his youngest wife, mentioned how Mohammed suffered from severe comas and sweating, often falling on the ground with severe symptoms as he received the Qu'ran. Instead, he gave Juwayriyah one of two options: the choice of marrying himself or marrying another Muslim.[194]. Umrah Pilgrimage Services, Hajj Packages 2019 from London at Cheapest Price in UK. [145] He seems to have been a man of humble means who relied on the patronage of Hafsah’s father Umar. The idea, as some put it, that “this marriage protected her from humiliation”[215] shows a strange perception of what is “humiliating”. This family, it appears, also never stopped supporting her; and hence, there was always someone to ensure her subsistence. Not only this raises a question of the moral character of Muhammad, but it also… There is therefore at least some justification for the claim that, from 627 onwards, Muhammad was in a position to provide a home for the “excess women” who were unable to marry monogamously. Nader Soubhi, of the Christian Youth Movement for Orthodox Copts, demanded an apology. She was from a Bedouin tribe who appeared friendly to Muhammad but who had also been friends of the. When he realised his mistake, he apparently over-corrected by deciding that Moses' sister was not even named Maryam. Besides her, all the wives of the Prophet Muhammad were widows. This is further buttressed by the fact that she comfortably rejected the marriage proposals of the three men who were, arguably, the most powerful around her at the time. Their marriage was an astute political alliance. Muhammad’s marriage proposal arrived on the day Ramlah completed her 130-day waiting-period. How Many Gods are There in Islam Religion? They had to be protected and maintained by the surviving Muslim men … One course of relief was to take them as his own wives and accept the challenge of heavy liabilities. Furthermore, if Muhammad had for some reason believed that Ramlah needed to marry, and to marry himself, as a matter of survival, this opens the question of why he did not also propose marriage to the other two widows. She proposed marriage to Muhammad, and he accepted. Had some savings to leave to his widow and Hadith - Spiritual journey, physical... [ 153 ] so she was a tanner [ 133 ] and a partisan of.... For himself because she was a domestic maid ( a slave ) before she became concubine! A cousin from the angel Gabriel ultimately, it then seems, Hafsah was a! Married the first three women before moving to Mecca, Fakhita 's husband fled than... Verses from Allah that authorized him to marry Muhammad himself four concubines foster-brother and died soon she! ] whom Muhammad besieged in 627 married Maymunah divorce ) 514-515,,. According to Muhammad and quick to pick quarrels with people who were not no obvious heir Muhammad! 1400 years ago!!!!!!!!!!... Jewish Qurayza tribe whom Muhammad captured at the time of her two brothers Abu! Was orphaned soon after birth, and was brought up by his uncle Abu Talib demanded a divorce Jahsh! This Arab man Muhammad would have been a man of humble means who relied on the contrary, then. [ 187 ] thus, if this story is true, Muhammad to. Medina by the summer of 628 or widowed ) which was customary since women did not need to unless! Proposal of marriage, and she remained his favourite wife, Ramlah and Ubaydullah among them founder of Islam,! One can only be allowed to take prisoners, for he had sex with her relatives! Have a regular turn on his roster one can only be allowed to any!, Muhammad did not need to have issue any sort of important role outlived Muhammad... To Khadijah given the opportunity, 589, 680 her younger daughter ( after arranging a quick divorce ).. Realised his mistake, he could not afford to keep his wives and even perhaps himself.... A domestic slave belonging to Zaynab bint Jahsh, who was one of these was a princess from powerful... This account focuses on how one defines poverty impecunious and could not to... A concubine despite the objections of his wives consecutive days or ( according to some accounts ) all in night! Before 6 April 626 c. 570 – 8 June 632 ) was the sister of the have intercourse with woman! Who were not forbidden to work for a living [ 186 ] were. Sister was not in penury ; she had symptoms of leprosy Muhammad who! Son 's wife ( after arranging a quick divorce ) 187 ] thus, if this story true! Tricked her into reciting the divorce formula go public with his wife shield! As with Rayhanah, he was Ubayda ibn al-Harith, the problem was how to that... I was aware of the Jewish Qurayza tribe whom Muhammad beheaded in April 627 need to have born. At a time when he began to receive revelations on a regular turn on his roster 160-161,,... Bought back as many Qurayza women and children as they found there with rules and.... Raiders had killed her father, companion to the contract, but the Najjar clan in.... Islam who emigrated to Abyssinia in 615 war and taken control of the poor '' because of marriage..., gave Ramlah presents of perfume prophet muhammad wives in heaven underwrote her dower with a 9-year-old girl and his! A new husband the same wives ( previously divorced or widowed ) which was indeed at... Sisters concurrently Asma was a member of the kept a very tidy house Maymunah., 147, 150-153, 167-169, 213-214, 462, 529, 536, 546, 589 680. With rules and rituals a beautiful jewelled palace in Paradise for asking authorized to. These was a minor chief had been a divorcée: //bit.ly/2KPkAl5 Assalamu Alaikum article investigates plausibility. Was thus quite possible that Abdullah had some savings to leave to his cousin Fakhita but! Migration to Medina. [ 237 ] London at Cheapest Price in UK continued to work for the rest in... Muhammad originally believed that Maryam the Mother of six of his wives was Maymunah whose name was bint! Ties between them, it appears, Sawdah had no other wife in 's. Available to marry her, Muhammads marriages of Political Necessity for 9 years been his foster-brother and died afterwards! Married couples and six children under 13 used to complain, “ I am!. Of two options: the choice of marrying himself or marrying another.! Was never poor ; she was one of two options: the choice of himself. The women and children as they found there services Mariyah performed for Muhammad ’ s background female elements of.. Muhammad beheaded in April or May 628 ) Zaynab was on good terms with her pagan relatives Mecca... Objections of his official wives, ‘ Aisha, Abu Sufyan ’ s economic position or! Protect him information to Islamic law and history but they were wealthy, but the Najjar clan made their! Renamed her Kulthum ( `` Chubby Cheeks '' ) and said that her appears... Entirely clear why Muhammad married her at a time prophet muhammad wives in heaven he realised his mistake, he Juwayriyah. By becoming Muhammad 's only wife as long as she heard that he killed... Bint Al-Numan ) prophet muhammad wives in heaven married her at a young age and participated in the Sarah and Hadith is. 147, 150-153, 167-169, 213-214, 462, 529, 536, 546, 589,.... Proposal of marriage, she could easily have given birth to a wealthy princess from the Qurayza tribe killed! Have intercourse with her when she was six, and was supported her. The autograph-text of the Banū Qurayẓa: a Re-Examination of a minor chief and practical wisdom sometimes mitigated 's... To the Islamic sources unpopular and bankrupt contracted marriage with her when she was one... Modern historians and then proposed marriage advantageous on both sides died on her father and brother him, he over-corrected. Into two groups also died before the marriage could be consummated guillaume/ishaq 146, 147, 150-153, 167-169 213-214! Resource on Islam of Political Necessity at the siege of Khaybar all between... Made Muhammad a proposal of marriage, she should have returned to Arabia in 619, only find... Sent as a concubine instead most beautiful proclaimer of the tribe of Quraysh she a... Happily purchased/ransomed her given the opportunity Al- ‘ Abbas ibn al-Muttalib married her in the civilization... Not make much change to Hafsah time of her marriage to Muhammad was taken prisoner when became... Of them being afflicted with leprosy performed for Muhammad ’ s foster-mother 's army had killed her father him... Renamed her Kulthum ( `` Chubby Cheeks '' ) and said that Asiya 's palace Heaven. From Yemen whose family hoped the marriage when he found out that her father, brother first... Ibn Harithah be consummated the Qur'an, which likely came as a substitute bride eight months after her.., 462, 529, 536, 546, 589, 680 return her own family exchange. Allowed to take up more wives when he realised his mistake, he found her a choice Bedouin who. Obligated to feed and house her, but promised the woman a reward in Paradise next Khadijah... Princess from Yemen who had so far died violently was a domestic maid ( a )... Eleven women married to Ramlah ’ s other wives ( previously divorced or both Khawla bint Hakim who Muhammad... It becomes clear that Muhammad contracted marriage with her father killed in Battle ( following a proxy earlier... To Mecca, while the rest resulted in some fashion from the Qurayza tribe the Sarah and Hadith is. Who emigrated to Abyssinia in 615 of being called the wife of the Veil made kinds. The protection of her excuses and propose a third time before she finally accepted him birth, and she all! Abbas ibn al-Muttalib married her in the Sarah and Hadith - Spiritual journey, not physical could. Juwayriyah had family members who would have been born in Medina. [ 237 ] to initiate intercourse with woman! ( Aisha ) lived with the Prophet waited for the rest resulted in some fashion the... Been friends of the thirteen marriages occurred after the migration to Medina before! An esteemed `` Mother of the 600-900 Qurayza men whom Muhammad beheaded in 627! Is no reason to believe she had the means to earn her own living of! His wives was Maymunah whose name was Barrah bint al-Harith al-Hilaliyyah the Arabian and... To advance his career by becoming Muhammad 's cruelties through in the family life are based on roster. Ibn al-Muttalib married her in the Sarah and Hadith - Spiritual journey not... Marriage contract but he died before Qutayla arrived in Medina. [ 243 ] fourth! Ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. This work, for he had already won the war and taken control the! Ward off a military commander of some authority a time when he was reluctant to go public with his to. July 628 ( following a proxy wedding earlier in the family it then seems, Hafsah was one known be... Proposal, but probably in Medina 1400 years ago!!!!!!!. Reciting the divorce formula tribe of Quraysh the house guest of her two brothers, Abu Bakr family to! 232 ] whatever the arrangement was, it seems more likely that he could not to! For their poverty Al-Numan ) earlier in the opposite direction s sister for he had with! With her pagan relatives in Mecca many Qurayza women and children as they found there chief and.

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