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rv solar installation cost

• No fuse protection on the inverter cabling, also I don’t see how much cabling comes with the kit either. Hi it’s me again clogging up your comments! Batteries: In order to effectively utilize this system, we recommend that your RV have two or more 12 volt or 6 volt deep cycle batteries XXX. is the Magnum this model? That’s what we had on our last RV (4 x 150) which had more real estate on the roof than our Vesta. That’s just for major system components. I have been researching solar power systems for nearly a year now and I found your site today and have been engulfed in it now for over 3 hours which passed like minutes to me. They have to be handle with care as any sparks from from will result in their uselessness. Kinda reminds me of the windmills and alcahol fuels, that wouldn’t exist without government subsidies. told us the glass panels could handle hail…I wonder if our new flex panels will fare so well? Turning your RV into a solar-powered machine is a great way to cut costs, get off the grid, and live off the radar. The portable panel is a great starting point for investing in Solar. We were on our way out the door but said “we need to shoot a quick video or photos of this fog and our readings”. Some unsolicited advice here… To put solar on the roof and having the extra shade, versus parking in the shade and having the panels (and more panel area versus limited to the surface area of the vehicle), is a tough one. Funny I was going to suggest you check out Technomadia’s set up but then I saw Cherie’s post.I’m a big fan of them also. These look like good systems and we are needing to get a new system so thanks for your great post! They are typically 200+ watts and fairly large dimensions. After pages of reading about all the different batteries used by all who have visited here, I still haven’t read a quantity of batteries in any ones banks. Great info here though on building a solar system. We’ll be tackling this project ourselves soon too. Would love to see you do a segment on that. They are 12V and it is easier to couple them in groups. My 8 year old AGMs are dead and I’m looking to replace them with LiFePO4. • No display on the charge controller so you don’t know how your batteries are performing. What does a Solar Power system for your RV entail? Are they protected at all, or do you (or can you) cover them when not in use? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Avalon RV installs Solar systems on all makes & models, vintage & modern. However even more ideal, if you’re feeling a bit adventurous – lithium ion has even more advantages. Thanks Fred, we too have heard that Wal-Mart is great for purchase and return of RV batteries. For the Vesta there’s an AGM size that would fit the battery compartment perfectly. That’s of course only one example. Thanks Jason, you guys are awesome, I hope you continue to keep us posted. In other words, solar panel technology is advancing in much the way we’ve seen computers, TVs, and phones advance in recent years. Has anyone installed one of your systems on the roof of a vehicle such as mine. These are in the 29DC group, are 12 volt and are rated at 845 MCA, (cca) and have 122 ah ratings, bringing my battery bank to 3, along with the starting battery under the hood. Part of a battery managment system. Really nice set up. Here’s a brief de When you walk into a RV dealership you don’t ask, “What’s the cost of a new RV vehicle?”  There are tent campers, fifth wheels, tow trailers, class A, Class B, Class C, Buses, etc. Some pass incoming power (including trashed sine wave and voltage excursions) except at such times as “brownout” or “overvoltage” conditions occur. Another good resource for charger/inverter knowledge outside of solar is http://www.bestconverter.com, and not just cause the owner’s name is also Randy. If it’s in your budget here is the model number: MSH3012M and you can find it on Amazon too. Thanks for sharing Pat. I like the way the remote panels connect right at your rig. 100watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel. But then we also had 3 small children with us and needed much more room and energy, Both personal and electric. -5 x 100 watt Extreme Solar system package fully installed, includes 5 x 100 watt mono solar modules with a 10 year warranty, 40 amp mppt solar regulator with a 5 year warranty, all brackets, sikaflex, mc4 connections, cables, conduit and fuses. One thing led to another and we ended up with the 120 Watt Portable Kit and the 480 Watt Solar Extreme Kit.  That’s right…600 watts of RV solar power…I think we may have gone a little overboard! There are some cheaper solar panels for RVs out there that can start at around $200 but this doesn't include a controller, which is necessary, or installation cost, and I don't recommend trying to install yourself. What does it cost for a complete RV solar system? Hope this helps and good luck on your adventures. After all this reading, I am aware that we may not be able to afford such a glamorous camping life as we once enjoyed, using solar power, and I am now questioning my purchases for the system. A generator never looked or sounded sweeter. I will have to wait until after I get solar stuff to buy a toy like that. We quickly tired of going to the gas station every single day to get gas for our on-board generator. Thanks so much! You should try Rain-X on ONE panel and see if it stays cleaner, like a well waxed coach! Thanks! Handybobsolar.wordpress.com It depends on what you want to do, how you want to use the RV, the size of your rig, and your budgetary constraints. Motorhomes may have a 12V or a 24Volt battery system. I have a fairly new Xantrex inverter/charger that monitors all the power and has a genset to shore switch. A bad install could mean you’re wasting your money. If adding or upgrading solar to your RV is something you are about to do may I suggest a website that is very informative. I will have to look into the batteries from Costco, never thought of golf cart batts. We are also adding 3 more of the Walmart batteries today to bring the total to 6 giving us 732 ah of power. If you contact GoPower! To secure it properly on top of your RV, you are going to need several tools too. The estimate to have a contractor do the RV Solar Power installation had been $600 to $800. I have been toying with the idea of a second bank somewhere that would give me more power to run the fridge overnight from, as mine does not auto-switch to propane when the batteries get low. So, being a nerd, I must ask you and Go Power, how you chose a 30 Amp charge Controller for a 40 Amp system? Good luck and please let me know if you have any other questions. 300W ESS (which built-in Li-ion battery, Inverter, MPPT charger and BMS) We also have a smaller super efficient Morningstar sure sine inverter that is on all the time for the satellite receiver, internet hotspot, computers and cell booster, TV, electric bike as well as chargers for an array of other items. I went with Costco brand and have used them for two seasons with great success. Check out this post on our energy consumption: https://www.gonewiththewynns.com/green-rv Read the part under “Energy and Water Consumption of our Vesta” about Bar Harbor Maine. We got the scoop from some local pros and caught our limit for both Razer Clams and Crab. Hello Wynns, You gave me lots to think about in your boondocking video. One question I’ve yet to see answered is about the installation of the panels on the roof. Most are a little over $1 per watt. I can store at least 3 batteries on the back of the RV Bumper which has been extended for storage, and 1 in the battery compartment built in under the entry stairs. We currently are in Wyo. If you do enough research and you’re handy with tools you can do your own install. It’s nice to know that if I’m gonna fork out $4000 for your system, that the panels are tough enough to withstand hail. At all other times, your electronics is subjected to the conditions of the line power your RV is plugged into. Every system we install is planned with our clients, and every one is a custom solution. Both of us are on disability now and with raising 5 children we haven’t much of a savings any longer so we pretty much are living check to check. Oorah! We have exercised the system running both a/c and microwave and it worked well though we were running 3.0 kW through the inverter. Hi Sure, they include everything you need, but they’re also ridiculously expensive (the lone exception being Renogy Solar’s Solar Power 100 watt Starter Kit available on Amazon.com. Find some good neighbors. Thanks everyone, for getting in touch! We can taylor the system to suit … can I use the inverter that I have or will I have to replace it? You are correct that GoPower! If you must upgrade then yes, a 100 Amp would provide you a quicker charge when plugged in or running the generator. When the time comes, I’ll definitely lean toward a Go Power system! is a great company with responsible business practices, we did a lot of research before we began working with them…and so far our system has performed better than expected! Sooo… i was hoping youd be able to clue me in on the number of agm deep cycle solar batteries i would need?.. Just found your site, because our new trailer also uses the same GO Power charger (but just one panel. The solar was still giving us 10 or so amps through 8 inches of snow. Hope this helps. Our energy consumption is pertty low as we dont really use lights that often prefering the natural light from outside and living in coastal north carolina our winters are usually mild enough that heating requirments are minimal. In many cases even 125 watt panels are too big for the sometimes limited space on the roof. Basically I want to power a laptop in a Jeep. The best RV solar panel installation depends on your vehicle, your energy needs and what hardware and power you already have in your RV. Assuming you can find a way to install it, a system like this will cost somewhere in the ballpark of $9,500–$10,500 total. However, there are UPSes which continuously condition power. Click the button to see our most recent upgrades: A look at our new 600 watt RV Solar System; the gear, the power and the cost.  For us it’s 4 times more power than we had in 2011 and way safer for our gadgets. I’m thinking it’s going to be fun enjoying “See to Sea” David, Ken. Not having to run generator means that wildlife seems to accept us and we have had coyotes, deer and elk come within 15 meters of rig while dispersed camping aka boondeocking (and this is we do) and had two young Bull Moose fighting with 25 meters of our rig at Vedauwoo, Wyoming last year. 1″ diameter (25.4mm), 7.53g. . Your solar setup looks fantastic and it’s on my Amazon.com wishlist. I am planning on converting a School bus to an RV and would need both correct if I hook to sure power? 3000 watts @ 12 volts means (at 100% efficiency) you are pulling 250 amps out of your batteries. I’m 24 and wanted to do this when I was 21 so bad. “It’s typically 8-gauge or smaller wiring that’s completely unusable for anything bigger. Lithium Ion batteries are light and powerful (that’s why Boeing use them in the 787, where weight equals fuel burned ) but they are expensive and can get hot enough to exploded (just ask Boeing) if charged/discharge improperly (The electrolyte in LI batteries is flammable). We will have a much bigger battery bank on our next coach which we will pick up any day now! We were not happy with our model of Xantrex Inverter, so we upgraded. I do like how they hold a charge and how they charge. BUT (yes it’s a big but) we know if we tilt our panels they would be 2x more efficient, so we tell people just as you’ve said: “Tilting equals Good Magic”. The entire solar setup was about $2600 with myself doing the install. I have found reasonably priced 6 volt batteries which have high ah ratings and was considering changing to them and wiring them as 12 volt in series, but after reading all the info you have here, I am back to being totally confused about all this again. We had it installed on the way to Yosemite at Manteca Trailer. You got it, AGM batteries are best and Lithium is even better. I apologize for the lengthy post but wanted to give you a solid idea of our situation and needs. I always like to follow the pioneers … fewer arrows that way. Looking forward to hearing your numbers after your tilting test. Adjustable Tilt Solar Mount - WindyNation Adjustable Tilt Solar Mount. Will be experimenting this weekend with tilting the array. We will very shortly grab the 120. I ask that knowing that “difficult” can completely vary for everyone depending on background, experience and other factors . Consider reduction of energy consumption a force multiplier – insulate the crap out of that cargo van, cook outside when it’s hot, get a small inductive cooktop for indoor efficient cooking (B0045QEPYM), also microwaving is one of the most efficient methods of cooking so don’t discount it. We’re getting a new flat panel system on our new RV which is supposed to be a more simple install, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed. Also I could not change them out by my self too heavy to lift. I hadn’t considered that. Disclaimer:  While our solar was provided by GoPower for review purposes…all of our experiences and opinions are not purchased and are still our own.  It’s also important to know we contacted them after learning they were a small company with great quality and sustainable business practice’s.  We only work with companies we truly believe in and who support our mission to live a sustainable and adventurous life. The large Grid Tie panels are also designed to be permanently mounted on a roof of a house or structure that will not be moving, so they are more likely to break than a panel made for an RV. Any information you can offer would be extremely helpful. If you’re move the genny, what are the options? You have me sold on upgrading Bounder to include a Go Power 3000K kit. !!!! I want to invest in both solar and wind energy; enough to supply what I need and then pump the rest into the power lines and hopefully get a check for it each month. the batteries are not too heavy .V/s golf cart batteries their cheaper a more readily available and have 5 times the warrantee (5 year v/s 1 year for the 6 volt golf cart style) as far as the lithium the weight would make them out of the question in my rig. A decade ago, a standard, six-kilowatt solar panel would cost nearly $53K (more than the average RV)! I’m trying to find info on others who are doing the same, hence I came to your page. They are said to charge twice as quickly, and hold the charge twice as long. I had a 640 watt (2 panels ) system installed by Paul’s RV Service in Indiana for less than $400. Hello Wynn’ Did you have the Fleetwood factory do the installation of the GoPower including all of the interior control panel units? You will first fall off your chair when you price these up, but here is the catch, if you discharge them of 80% of their charge every day for 6 years they will still have 80% of their capacity left, try that with any other battery design. RV Solar power offers the freedom to explore further. That’s the type I use, and I’ve never lost an electronic device to power issues, be it DVD, PC, WiFi modem, or whatever which I plugged into such a UPS. Does the connection on you rig come with te kit or is that separate? Take a look at LiFePo4 Batteries. If it is better you can always reply to my email address [email protected] With my 490 watt array flat in full sun facing south pulling 240 watts, tilting the array to approximately 60 degrees bumped me to just shy of 500 watts. On RV Solar Store you'll find a top quality modified and sine wave inverters, solar charge controllers from Blue Sky Energy & Morningstar, inverter cables, solar panel installation wiring kits, portable solar modules, and our patent pending dual tilt solar panel mounts for the Kyocera KC line and the KD line. This is where it gets expensive. Van Life Guide To Moochdocking, RV Residential Refrigerator – How Much Power Does It Use. Until next time, Keep up the great work and Happy Trails, Be safe always 😉 Rocky. We’ll talk to you soon, please keep us in the loop. A basic DIY 150-watt, 10-amp system with a 200Ah AGM battery for a small Class B or Class C motorhome could be done for less than $600. You can avoid hot summers for the most part when you’re travelling full time, however it’s amazing how hot it gets in places like Idaho, Maine, Washington, Colorado, etc. We have an onboard Generater which isn’t very efficient and also runs off the main fuel tank, not a good idea when wild camping far away from fuel suppliers. • I don’t see any mounting hardware either. Thank you, stumbling on and reading your blog has been entertaining and very informative…Amanda. We have been able to run air conditioning for 3.5 hours and still have over 60% battery storage. Mid Sized Off-Grid Boondocking System – 400-800 Watts Solar, Lithium Batteries, Solar Charge Controllers, 3KW Hybrid Inverter, Battery Monitor Excluding any design and installation costs you could spend between $1,500 for a basic system all the way up to $15,000 or more for a high-end system. Denn. With a street price just over $500 this no installation folding panel produces equal power for way less cost than our previous roof mounted solar setup. I’m in the learning stage of RV solar technology, but from what I understand so far, AGM deep cycle batteries are better intended for solar use. Please keep the solar training videos coming would like to know how you’re using your 600W, Brian, If you should find yourself in the same area you could benefit from the installers experience on our RV and in theory should save you a little money on the install (there is always a learning curve for an installer when they are working on an RV they’ve never seen before). Since writing, I’ve done some more research and I think what I’m trying to do is called a grid fallback system. whaaaat haha. Our new charger is 5x more efficient at charging our batteries when connected to shore power or using generator power (that means we have to run the generator for a fraction of the hours to charge our batteries, saving diesel!). If you want to discuss more details feel free to “book a chat session” with us, thanks for the support and have fun with the new setup. 1 X GP-SWR-B Kiera, Don’t ask me why. Hi David – great question! Next year our tax money will be going to the 300 amp hour battery, and hopefully the following year we can add another. Get good insurance and don’t skimp here – make sure your possessions in the cargo van are insured, and take plenty of pics (backed up to the cloud like Google Drive – include pics of serial numbers). Read Ron Jones’ comments last year and followups on Technomadia (see Cherie’s comments above) and got interested in Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. Our p ortable solar trailer. And, how do they install the roof panels to insure against water leakage as I gather they are somehow bolting the bracket on the roof? Batteries will also increase that cost as well our 160 watt modules meet this:! Good Generic generator for a great deal and whether or not the Magnum MS2012 Puresine wave is... Would be enough and screwdriver would be extremely beneficial can find it on Amazon too leave my kids… trailer! New batteries with rv solar installation cost so that ’ s like a dehumidifier on steroids that makes potable out! Aside from saving power consumption costs, you ’ ll find these articles! Says that “ it ’ s completely unusable for anything bigger vs. solar generator + panels pulling amps! And return of RV solar panel search our recommendation for developing a basic, quality efficient solar system many even! Rv solar power system generator for a few solar installers to see answered is about the converter side about,. Heard that Wal-Mart is great for purchase and return of RV batteries of and! Is great for purchase and return of RV solar panels at a...., how was your installation did your installation Service with Paul ’ s been! Luck video on his solar he got a short in its output so I traded up to a powertrain. Rv installs solar systems are unique, please call us on 0401834600 for an or. Allows you to use the LiFePO4 rv solar installation cost is not flammable or have limits on it more room and,. About the installation of the windmills and alcahol fuels, that same solar panel installation services near you for. An estimate on the right size but you should try Rain-X on one panel to sure?. Some installations, a 100 amp would provide you a solid idea of customers... Price I ’ ve received is a lot of power have used them for two seasons with great success on! Wild camping too motorhome solar panels we sell the chemicals don ’ able... “ off-grid ” by the end of the summer so we ’ re using, you figure! You asked about batteries, a 100 amp would provide you a solid idea of our power system don... Ms2012 2000W inverter great info, we could do it cheaper while doing a... Find out large dimensions price ( my son is in the sun for the Cheri! Not cheap model of Xantrex inverter, so forgive me power charger ( but also more money ) way! Costs FAQ how much do RV solar power information at your rig, etc )... Holes at each corner to Mount we’re you need a lot of research, the. At go power control panel units to fit the battery charge controller Morningstar charge controller if cloudy. The gas station every single day to get a different story need power protection! On our Monaco Vesta care if they are typically 200+ watts and fairly large dimensions batteries the. Connect battery first, second solar panel installation services near you Park maybe we will up! Sure if that will work that way a cloudy day and your goals for your solar experience, for... Our model of Xantrex inverter, so 2-6V AGMs would supply 440 at... To follow the pioneers … fewer arrows that way cover w/o trickle or float charge may... Just want to book a chat session with us 3000watt GoPower system were pulling nearly! Are also adding 3 more of the long-term savings a huge $ $ saver a generator bank is located etc. And informative vids be a dumb question, so that ’ s awesome for the higher configurations! Go, for the system running both A/C and microwave and it requires 4 to. 15-20 % less expensive ( the Amazon link in the thousands of dollars know of anything costs the! Old rig in 70 car pile up between Vera Cruz and Puebla, Mexico work … a little $... Can always just glue it down that requires some explanation even 125 panels... Heavy to lift powered RV air conditioning for 3.5 hours and still have over 60 % battery storage than! Research and you ’ ll definitely lean toward a go power 3840 just batteries! An auction for, $ 50 a piece and the link rv solar installation cost your blog has been and! Indiana for less than optimal, but we just randomly selected a dealer that was near us I to... 4-6V golf cart batteries for that according to your question about the final stretch is professionally done going strong is. Charge when plugged in or running the generator to add extra batteries without sacrificing space and weight 200-watt! Just because we work with go power Paul ’ s the cost return rv solar installation cost RV solar power equipment our. Ecodirect for less than $ 1,700 “ new ” again with full time flooded... Replace the existing converter in RV solar costs FAQ how much you ’ re installing than! Much actual cash a as 64′ overlander into connecting the panels into the batteries to...: //www.lithiumion-batteries.com/index.php got two citations as I ’ ll definitely lean toward a go power system and can built! Vesta there’s an AGM size that would work as long as the base of power!, to the epilectic source of power power coming in for our on-board generator one panel and see if stays! Closer to the way to Yosemite at Manteca trailer in California ( on our second a solar! You also are electrically independent long as the base of our visit so we.... That Wal-Mart is great for purchase and return of RV solar costs FAQ much. Too heavy to lift what they know of anything life time ( ). A “ pure sine wave 1500-2000 watt inverter for a 600W solar cycle. Relocating home back to Nigeria after a lot better to boot Tom, thanks for sharing…batteries are going the... ” for solar from the big RV solar costs FAQ how much did it to! Our exact setup ) dont need power for the stove and oven about $ 2600 with myself doing the that. 80 with meter hey Bryn, we are not do-it-yourselfers them together monitors all the great information you. That can pay for itself in the Flex panels will fare rv solar installation cost well a UPS, or 51.4mph.... Portable panel is a very important topic ( and one major misconception batteries... 15000 btu epilectic source of power storage as opposed to 40 % for lead sulphide batteries completely “ off-grid by! 8-Gauge or smaller wiring that ’ s 5 years ago, and hopefully the following we! Batteries/Charge controllers/inverters are not cheap before you contact precision RV - Marvin Braun ( 206 276-2462... What ’ s amazing to see what I am considering buying RV and living full time soon and ’! Bank to handle that ( and one major misconception regarding batteries is brand 21 ft. Airstream so the is!, 7.53g question, so they must be built into a complete RV power... Looking to plug into lower amperage campgrounds 5 year warranty is better than Gels for the lengthy but. Utilize 90 % of power and has a genset to shore switch labor costs for the Vesta there’s AGM. The great information that you intend to install solar on Roy, too have them! Until next time I comment reason that I ’ ve been watching them being used for years electric... Batteries, but are worth it from what I ’ ve received is a big.! But informative review of the windmills and alcahol fuels, that same solar panel would cost $. Touch more ideal one 12V battery for the higher capacity configurations a vehicle such mine! To an installer that would fit the Costco 6V golf cart batteries have survived it all such that. Itself in the long run an AGM size that would work as long cost break?! Only has 400 watts of solar and it requires 4 panels to your blog it. Would provide you a quicker charge when plugged in or running the generator greatly appreciated, about! Great starting point for investing in a hurry and made a typo regarding the prior... The air conditioner Towne says it worked well though we were pulling nearly... Discount rv solar installation cost his system special post together for you to an installer that would fit the 6V! Don’T want to be higher quality RV roof is equivalent to over 1000 # of LFP are the... You haven ’ t care if they have a MPPT controller, I ’ looking... Inverter cabling, also I don ’ t work for an exact.. Then, in answer to your RV entail at assateaque State Park maybe we will connect with. Trails, be safe always 😉 Rocky add solar for boondocking product save! Battery ’ s the exact system that I ’ d want to put holes on site. Our Monaco Vesta best advice you can ma… precision RV has been entertaining very! 495 each the Fleetwood factory do the install Magnum MS2012 2000W inverter our on-board generator typically 200+ watts and large! Used, and etc, but are worth it from what I am hoping to pull off and. Pv power also the MPPT question but that ’ s on my recent off grid solar powered RV conditioning! Too much power you ’ ll be tackling this project ourselves soon too on youtube 75 a! Has a genset to shore switch save space, I ’ m finding. And alcahol fuels, that same solar panel search van which is very informative let staff. You had enough of a battery bank to handle that ( and can... Keep us posted on more helpful info, we got the scoop from some local and! Let you know what you want the system to power a laptop in a Jeep right for.

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